We accept a wide range of payment options.

We accept PayPal, Direct deposit, AfterPay, ZipPay and Cash on pickup.

All Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover payment should be paid using PayPal.

No orders will be dispatched until the payment is cleared.

We value all our customers and all the orders placed will be automatically canceled if payment is not processed within three business days.

  • Direct Deposit 

Please complete the normal checkout process filling up the shipping details to pay for your order by direct deposit. On completion, an invoice will be issued with our banking details. 

It is important that you provide your order number with your transfer. 

There are two ways to make the payment.

  1. log onto your internet banking and make a payment for the order amount to the bank account listed below
  2. you may visit your local branch, fill out a Deposit Slip with the correct details using the information below and process this transfer from the bank teller in person. 


Bank: ANZ

Account Name: BB Hydro Australia

BSB: 015-311

Account number: 470704037

It is mandatory to use your order number as a payment reference. Please note that your order will be processed once the total amount of your order is successfully deposited into our bank account. The direct deposit process takes approximately 1 - 2 business days. 

  • PayPal 

PayPal accepts all major credit and debit cards. PAYPAL is a secure and reliable payment method to transfer the money between accounts. The best part is you don’t have to share your financial details with others. Please visit www.paypal.com/au/webapps/mpp/paypal-buyer-protection to find more about PayPal buyer protection.

To make the payment using PayPal, please select it in the Payment Detail at your checkout page. The website will be redirected to the PayPal page as shown below when you click “submit”.

Please note that purchasing your items as a registered PayPal member makes you eligible for buyer’s protection right. So, either use your existing PayPal account or all you need to do for a free new account in PayPal is complete the form that appears next when you click the “Create an Account” button.

The diagram below shows the overall PayPal working process.


  • Afterpay 

What is Afterpay

Short of cash but you need your products now? Don’t worry, simply choose Afterpay at the checkout page of our online store. Afterpay is the easiest way to shop up to $1000 now and pay it back over a longer period without paying interest.

Hydro Experts, our online hydroponics store, is integrated with Afterpay and makes your purchases manageable by breaking them down into 4 smaller fortnightly payments. It's like lay-by, but better. Get the supplies you need immediately from us with Afterpay instead of waiting to pay them off.

Why Afterpay?

  • Afterpay allows you to pay for your order fortnightly
  • Your order will be shipped immediately, just like a normal order
  • You can use it for all order up to $1000.00

What Do I Need?

  • A debit or credit card
  • To be over 18 years of age
  • To live in Australia

Step 1: Choose Afterpay at checkout
Afterpay is fully integrated with Hydro Experts checkout. All you need to do is choose Afterpay as your payment option and click "Confirm and Process"  when you’re ready to buy.

Step 2: Quickly create an account using your existing debit or credit card.
No hassle, no wait time, simply provide few of your personal details and mobile number and get instant approval to pay later. Or simply login to your existing Afterpay account and pay in installments.

Step 3: Instant Approval
Complete the purchase as normal and make your payment every fortnight.

Click here for more information


  • zipPay 

What is ZIPPAY?

Do you want to buy quality goods without paying all the money upfront? If yes, simply select zipPay at the checkout. zipPay is a safe, simple and 100% interest-free payment solution powered by zipMoney Payments.

Hydro Experts is integrated with zipPay to give you the ability to buy up to $1000 now and pay later for purchases. Once approved, you get access to a new shopping account that allows you to pay back with total flexibility over time. It’s simple to use and specifically designed to help you manage your spending.  You can also use Zippay while shopping at our physical store in Lidcombe. Once you register at https://zippay.com.au/login/, all you need to provide us is the Customer Store Code.

zipPay works like an account. For all purchases, you make during a month you receive a statement with your closing balance on the 1st day of the following month. You have until the end of the month to pay off your balance for the account to remain fee free. Or, simply pay a small $5 account fee to extend for one more month.

Why zipPay?

  • Up to $1000 account to shop anytime
  • Easy monthly payments
  • Pay no interest ever

What Do I Need to apply for zipPay?

  • A debit or credit card
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Living in Australia

Please note that your order will be processed once the total amount of your order is successfully deposited into our PayPal account. This process completes instantly. For the eCheque users, it may take approximately 3-4 working days to clear the payment.