Sizzlin’ Summer: Preventing Heat Stress in Plants!

Sizzlin’ Summer: Preventing Heat Stress in Plants!

Australia is in the grip of a major heatwave and our plants are taking a hit. 

If you want to keep your garden productive well into fall, then late summer is a busy  season that must be embraced. Hot temperatures are as rough on plants as on the gardeners who grow them, but here’s a roundup of techniques you can use to help you and your crops cope. 

Commercial growers often use sprinkling to cool plants down. A late afternoon sprinkling may be an excellent idea, but strategically placed shading devices are often more practical, more water-efficient and much less time-consuming. For example, you can easily cool down the sunny sides of tomatoes by installing a short run of snow fencing or pre-assembled sections of picket fence along the south or west side of the row.

Shade covers made from lightweight cloth (such as old sheets) also will help keep struggling plants cool, though they must be held several inches above the plants to keep them from retaining heat. When using a cloth-type shade cover over plants, tie or staple the corners to wood stakes.
Remember not to overwater your plants. 

It can kill a plant faster than under-watering will. Try and be well informed of what your plant’s watering necessities are, as well as how well the soil retains the water. Monitor how quickly the soil dries out in the summer heat, then schedule waterings accordingly.

For lawns, water deeply a couple of times a week to soak the water down past the root zone, making your grassroots grow deeper into the cooler and damper soil and therefore make your grass more drought-tolerant. If you’re watering some every day, change to every other day and double the normal time you water. For really dry lawns, be sure to give slow, short waterings until the ground is moist, then give a deep, long watering the next day. If you see runoff, stop the watering to diminish wasting water.

Another great idea is to mulch up. 

Use at least three inches deep of stones, gravel, sand, bark or even newspaper atop your beds and pots to keep your soil and roots nice and cool. It will also push water deeper into the soil for later when your plant needs it.

If you think your plants are well past it, then you should try a revival kit to help bring your plants back to life. 

We recommend using Cyco Recovery Kit.

The Cyco Platinum Series Recovery Kit features 3 products from the Cyco range which can be used together as ongoing maintenance to aid the overall health of your seedlings and plants, or as a solution to any problems your garden might be displaying such as distress, disease or deficiencies.

By using the Cyco Recovery Kit, the benefits include:

  • Helps maximize your plants' growth potential
  • Helps revitalize slow-growing plants
  • Helps plants recover if showing signs of disease or deficiencies due to environmental stresses or poor growing conditions

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