Quick Fix Urine Australia - Buy with confidence?

Quick Fix Urine Australia - Buy with confidence?

Spectrum Lab Quick Fix is a brand of novelty synthetic urine. It is the best-selling fake pee on the market today. Sometime people use artificial urine typically  for passing drug tests, but some people also use it for other things like science experiments, pranks, animal or pest repellent, gardening, and, um… pee fetish stuff? 

For people who have drug tests coming up though, each and every batch of Quick Fix 6.2 pee has been pre-tested by manufacturers to ensure that it will give test-takers a passing result.

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Whats pretty cool is that Quick Fix urine is unisex, which means it works for both male and female.

And unlike the other synthetic urine products you’ll see on the market today—like the dehydrated or powdered urine kinds—Quick Fix comes as a liquid, ready-to-use form which ensures it’s quality and dilution. BB Hydro Australia sells more of the Quick Fix brand than any other detox product on the market. 

It only takes 10-20 seconds to prepare, so the name is quite literally what it claims to be—a quick fix.

Spectrum Labs has multiple patents by the United States Patents on their products.

They ensure that each batch is lab-tested before it is sent out for delivery to assure the quality of the product. I believe that they are the only company in the world that actually does this. 

Wondering whats in Quick Fix Synthetic Pee?

It’s not enough for Quick Fix to just look and smell like urine; synthetic urine has to have the exact same chemical composition as real urine if it’s going to get past laboratory analysis. We’re happy to report that Quick Fix boasts an identical chemical composition to genuine human urine, meaning it includes biologically accurate amounts of urea, uric acid, and creatinine.

But urine is more than just ingredients; it’s also about properties, so Quick Fix also has the same specific gravity and pH balance as human urine. The combination of all these factors is what you need to fool the testing instruments and get a pass on your test.

There’s only one other synthetic urine that can even come close to the chemical accuracy of Quick Fix, and that’s Sub Solution. And while Sub Solution is a great product, it’s also a great deal more expensive than Quick Fix.

Has Quick Fix Ever Failed?

failed urine test sample

Quick Fix never fails…when it’s used properly. If you have an expired batch, or if you hand it in at the wrong temperature, there’s a very good chance of failing!

Here’s how to avoid those scenarios:

1. Temperature Issues

Here’s the thing that trips up some people and causes the most failures.

Human urine can range from 94 to 100 F. A lab has to take the sample if it’s within that range, but it’s also where most people get caught out by the techs. There are a few stories where a lab tech hasn’t even looked at the sample before rejecting it immediately for being the wrong temperature.

This is why a genuine Quick Fix package from the real website always ships with a heating pad, and why the instructions always stress to heat it up before you go in. So don’t risk buying your Quick Fix from an alternate source, the heating pad is a crucial element to passing the test, and if it’s missing or inspired you’re going to be left to your own devices.

Other factors affect the temperature as well. Remember to keep the bottle strapped close to a part of your body that can provide enough heat; the inner thigh or sticking it down your underwear works. Dress warm, especially if you live in a cold place; the more body heat you keep, the less chance there is of your Quick Fix cooling off.

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So where can you purchase your bottle of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine? BB Hydro Australia is a reseller of Spectrum Lab Products.



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